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2018 Contests

Call for Submissions

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Alabama Writers Conclave Call for Submissions

2018 Contest

Deadline extended: May 15, 2018


Submissions for the Alabama Writers Conclave 2018 competition are now being accepted, with a closing date of May 1, 2018 (post marked).

Winners will be announced at the AWC conference dinner in Orange Beach, Alabama in June 2018.

Certificates and cash awards of $100 (1st place) and $50 (2nd place) will be awarded in the following categories.

This contest is open to members and non-members as well as international applicants. 

        Short story (1500 words)

        Flash Fiction (500 words)

        Novel (First chapter, limit of 1500 words)

        Memoir (1500 words)

        Screen play (1st act or 1500 words)

        Poetry (25 line limit for lineated poetry): entry fee covers 2 poems

Prose poetry (200 word limit for prose poems): entry fee covers 2 poems


Multiple entries

Multiple entries in a single category or across multiple categories are accepted, but only one prize per person is awarded in each category.


Rules for Submission

  • The AWC reserves First Rights for work to be included in the anthology of annual winners, with rights afterward reverting to the authors. A submission should not have won any other competition.

  • If a submission is accepted for publication or wins a disqualifying award during submission, the AWC contest officials should be notified immediately and the work withdrawn from consideration.

  • The entry fee for each competition is $10 for members of the Alabama Writer’s Conclave and $15 for nonmembers.

  • In the case of poetry submissions, the fee covers 2 poems not to exceed a combined 50 lines, or in the case of Prose Poetry not over a total of 400 words.

  • No current board member of the Alabama Writers Conclave is permitted to enter or submit work to the competition.


manuscript GUIDELINES

All manuscripts must be submitted blind for judges. All identifying information is limited to the cover sheet. The actual work must not list the authors name or any identifying information.

Each contest entry requires a separate cover sheet. For example, if you enter both the poetry and memoir contests, you will need to include a separate cover sheet for each entry category.

Cover sheet should include the following:

  1. Title of the work

  2. Author’s name

  3. Entry category

  4. Email address

  5. Mailing address

  6. Phone number (including area code)

  7. Summer address (if different from current address)

Please double-space your submission (except poetry) and use a conventional 12-point font like Times New Roman, Verdana, Courier, or Arial. 

Failure to submit a blind manuscript will result in disqualification. 


How to submit

You can submit your entry and entry fee/s by postal mail or email. 

To submit by email

  1. To submit via email, send your properly-formatted entry (including cover sheet and blind manuscript) as a Microsoft word or PDF attachment to

  2. In the email subject line, include the category (i.e. poetry, short story, screenplay, memoir, novel, flash fiction, or prose poetry) of that particular submission.

  3. Please don't include a cover letter--just your entry as an attachment.

  4. You will repeat this process for each individual contest entry in a separate email.

  5. Each entry should be paid for separately online using Paypal.

  6. Make sure to include the category you are paying for in blank above the payment.

Example: Earnestine is sending the first chapter of her glorious novel, I Love Mosquitos, as an entry for the Novel contest. She attached the manuscript and cover sheet to her blank email and filled in the Subject line as "Novel." Then she pressed send. To finish her entry process, Earnestine followed the paypal link and entered $10.00 in the amount. Because her novel is the best novel in the world and she would hate to see it ignored as a result of not following directions, Earnestine included the word "Novel" in the Notes section under the Paypal amount. Now Earnestine is finished and she can look forward to hearing her name read aloud at the 2018 AWC Conference. 

Now, it's your turn......

2018 Contest Entry
Which category?


To submit by postal service

To submit via postal mail and check, mail your entry and check to:

AWC Contest
Box 268
3688-B Airport Boulevard
Mobile, AL 36608

Checks should be addressed to the Alabama Writer's Conclave.


Winners & Judges

Winners will be announced at the AWC conference dinner in Orange Beach, Alabama in June 2018.

Judges are selected on the basis of their 1) experience and 2) qualification. They serve on a volunteer basis.