Alabama Writers Conclave

2017 Conference Sessions

2017 Conference Sessions


Notice: 2017 Conference has now passed. Below is an archive of sessions. 

Sessions are listed below. Schedule is subject to change.


Featuring Keynote Speaker

“When Larry Brooks puts it all together, lightning strikes. His workshop is a life changer.”

The Story-fixer behind “” The Writer’s Digest “

101 Best Websites For Writers” for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


T.J. Beitelman

Something There Is That Doesn't Love a Wall:
The Permeable Boundaries Between Poetry and Prose

Heidi A. Carroll

Independent Screenwriting from Southern Voices

Claire Datnow

Writing Nature Into Fiction & Nonfiction

Jennifer Horne

Writing As A Way Of Seeing (Poets & Fiction)

Jennifer Horne

Writing Memoir

Suzanne Johnson

Urban Fantasy: Twisted Tropes and Genre-Benders

Ashley M. Jones

Writing as a Political Act:
Social Justice and Poetic Activism

Don Keith

Writing A Thriller:
How Many Ways Can You Say “Boo!"?

Deborah Malone

Plotting A Cozy Mystery-I & II

Deborah Malone

Writing Christian Fiction

Michael Morris

Settings and Characters That Can Stand The Test of Time:
A Historical Focus

Alina Stefanescu

Navigating the Digital Landscape:
Building An Online Presence and Persona

Kim Cross Teeter

Breathing Life into Your Creation:
A Deeper Look at Character

T.K. Thorne

Somebody’s Gotta Die

Earl Tilford

Your Story Research Needs Passion
& Military Intelligence Training

Sue Brannan Walker

Hybrid Writing in Poetry:
A New Way To Release Your Creativity I & II