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AWC Conference Faculty: Meet Steven McCullough.


Steven McCullough was born in a small, rural town in northwest Tennessee.  A childhood ripe with a vivid imagination foretold that he would one day find himself working within the broad field of creative arts. 

Steven's greatest influences revolved around video games, anime, and the friends who shared in similar imagination. As iron sharpens iron, so Steven's mind was sharpened by his brothers in imaginary arms. As age pursued him, his interests evolved and he was found by Jesus Christ. The world opened to him that day, and ever since he has marked the moments where God has provided opportunities to expand on his creative talents.

 After publishing his first two novels, he joined forces with Karson Whatley and formed what is today QuickFire Talent Agency. Growing up and continuing to live in the Deep South, Steven saw firsthand the plight of the "Average Joes" and their creative minds gone to waste. With little opportunity and no encouragement to pursue the arts, many of these Joes were bound for forcefully unimaginative lifestyles.  That set a fire ablaze in him to create a medium by which opportunity could be presented to even the least of the Joes. 

Steven graduated from Mid-Continent University with a degree in Entrepreneurial Business. He currently manages multiple businesses in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama alongside his lovely wife, Ashley.

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