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The 2nd Annual Magic City Poetry Festival starts this week.

What do you do if you have a dream of a hosting a poetry festival in your hometown? If you’re Birmingham poet Ashley M. Jones, you make it happen.

AWC is proud to partner with Magic City Poetry Festival in support of the second annual poetry festival that celebrates poetry, art, and community in Birmingham, Alabama.

Birmingham’s magic is not the province of a few but the creation of many artists, writers, educators, nonprofits, and activists. Over the coming month, Alina Stefanescu will spotlight Birmingham poets and community partners in a series of “Love Letters”. You can read about MCPF’s love for DISCO, Church Street Coffee, and Real Life Poets and Freedom House.

Mark your calendars for the following events (and get details from the website):



Take a minute to explore the sponsors on the website and share with your friends. Or read the press release. And be part of this fabulous event that was incubated in by AWC Board Members.

Alina Stefanescu