Alabama Writers Conclave

Poet Laureate Nomination Form


2018-2022 Alabama Poet Laureate Nomination Form

Receipt Deadline: Saturday, June 1, 2017. Review the nomination guidelines before signing this form.

Nominator Information
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Nominator Name
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I accept full responsibility for meeting all requirements of the Alabama Writers Conclave to provide all information required to evaluate this nomination. I attest that all included information is true and that this nomination submission signifies intention of compliance with all general and special guidelines and restrictions imposed by the Alabama Writers Conclave as stated in this document.
Nominee Information
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Nominee Name
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I certify that the nominee has given the nominator full permission to submit their name to be placed in nomination for Alabama Poet Laureate. I certify that the nominee information is true and accurate and that the work sample submitted is an accurate representation of their work. If selected, the Office of the Governor of the State of Alabama and the Alabama Writers Conclave has permission to use submitted work samples, or a portion thereof, for publicity purposes.